Walk On

So, this is a little something I came up with a while ago. It really helped me get through some stuff. Tell me how it is! 

Okay. Here goes. 

Walk On.

Till their roar turns to a weak sigh,
till your strong voice lets out a cry,
You walk on.

When your demons come out to play,
till that dreary night turns to day,
You walk on. 

Till the dry winter turns to spring, 
till you make the ebony raven sing,
You walk on. 

Till your feet are bleeding, cracked soles,
till diamond you get, from coal,
You walk on. 

When you fail another time, try again,
till you get so numb, you don’t feel pain,
You walk on.

Till the mighty sea, you can calm,
till the conquered world is in your palm,
You walk on.


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