~Erin Hanson

“Love is a verb, not a noun.”

People are weird.
We want new experiences and yet, when things don’t go the way we want them to, we aren’t satisfied.
From “don’t say it, show me”
To “I haven’t heard you say it once”
We have such rigid ideas in our heads that we can’t digest even the thought of anyone doing it differently.
We expect so much, try so hard to make everything perfect. Plan the aesthetics, forget the emotion.
We clutch these moments so tightly in our hands that when they finally break into a million shards, piercing every illusion we’ve ever held, we’re too busy complaining to notice who puts them back together into a beautiful new picture.
Not everyone can write ballads or make friendship bracelets.
But if they smile whenever they see you,
If they laugh at your jokes, no matter how bad they might be,
If they don’t hesitate to call if they need something,
If they talk to you once a year, but make it count,
If they try to unravel every part of you, even though they know it might be in vain,
If they ask you to be their person, their one, unwavering support system,
If they don’t call you for days, but wait for you to call them just so they can hear you say how much you’ve missed them,
If they quietly keep memoirs of all your best moments together,
If they can’t accept anything but a smile on your face,
If they don’t mind you cursing them because they know you don’t mean it,
If they go behind your back to fix a problem you’d deemed unsolvable; without asking for anything in return,
If they put on a brave smile for you, no matter how bad the tornado of their own life is,
They care.


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