The turkey you left untouched,
Along with the honey baked ham, has gone cold.
The linen has lost its sheen,
Crease marks now visible on my dress folds.

How much longer do I sit here and wait?
While the spiders spin their web,
Around the still tension in the air,
You said you wouldn’t be late.

When the siren went on, with the promise of great legacy,
“The greater the risk, the greater the reward,”
You silenced me with a kiss,
And went out, slinging your sword.

Now as the wine grows older,
And the tears run dry,
I feel the bed next to me,
The empty space where you used to lie.

Time has come to shake my stupor,
The slumber has to be broken, now.
No longer can we sit here, helpless.
“Long live the motherland,”
It’s time to live up to our vows.

So as the siren calls, once again,
Not for you; this time, for me.
I steel my nerves as I step out,
It’s time to break the shackles free.


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