I wish to unravel you

I wish to unravel you.
I want to know what makes you smile and what makes silver tears roll from your eyes.
I want to know your favorite bands
What your 4 AMs look like
Do you play with your hair strands
As you nervously falter at the mic?

What makes the corners of your mouth
Twitch up in amused surprise?
Umm.. Do you think that yellow roses
For your birthday, will suffice?

What did you wish for
As you gazed upon that shooting star?
I want to know the woeful tale
Behind your every battle scar.

That empty room in your house
Whose locks rattle on a stormy night
Do you keep your fears in there, love,
Or memories to never set alight?
I don’t invest in bodies; I invest in souls. For I know that when one day the body grows old,
When the skin shrivels and the hair fall out,
Your eyes will sparkle with that familiar furore
And I’ll know to peel you back to your core.
I may never love you, but I want to have you to unfurl,
Make every anecdote a new chapter in this book I’ll call “the story of an ordinary girl,”
and only upon inspection, much like with you,
We’ll all know that
That isn’t true.