Rhyme Of The Ancient Child

A child of eight
lies in wait
of life to pass her by
So she can see
with widened eyes
the lows and the highs.

This child of eight
looked at me straight
this child with widened eyes
She asked of me
a thing not tough
but titanic in size

“If you stand tall
at five feet nine
but still bite your nails,
If you don’t cry
when Marley dies
But still make pigtails,

I see it says seventeen, here
since you started existing
but tell me didn’t you trip, yesterday,
on your very own shoestring?

Are you still a child, then?
or are you big and grown?
have you already started reaping
the seeds that you had sown?”

And now it was my turn
to stare with widened eyes
Had I already bid farewell,
to all my lazy Julys?

The sun still shone
The dogs still barked
and I felt like none but me
however, in that moment
she’d set my mind free

My thoughts reeled
like the imaginary racecar
I had when I was six
for two plus two
still equaled four
but my eyes didn’t transfix

On that old bag
which mother had
that big old bag of tricks
Of which she’d pull
something always better
than what I’d predict

I did still dig
my ten tense toes
into the warm brown soil
I did still love
my mother’s fingers
in my hair, with coconut oil

But when did
this strange time come
when my heels started to fit
when I no longer had
to hastily erase
the lipstick from my lips?

She stared at me
intently waiting
as I stood tongue tied,
because childhood was
supposed to be
a kingdom where no one dies.

Edna St. Vincent Millay inspired. ^_^