The thing about heroes is, the world only shows you the end. The final result.
The shiny cape, shiny smile, shiny hair,
but not the shiny eyes.
Not the moments when the hero first wore his cape unsure of his own powers, or whether he even had any.
All the nights spent with none who had his back as he was training so he may have ours.
None who would hold him at 3 AM except uncertainty which would slowly intertwine its fingers with his,  consuming him till he started believing in his own inadequacy.

The thing about heroes is, they go wrong sometimes. When you need them most. When you least expect them to. When the world is looking up to them with awestruck eyes marveling at how they seem to be holding the entire universe together just with their presence.

The thing about heroes is, you can never tell when something’s wrong. Superman doesn’t whine. Wonderwoman won’t stop for a twisted ankle. Their invincibility makes us believe in our own.

Believe. The thing about heroes is that they raise the bar so high that our expectations become hope. Hope that we cling onto as we stand watching our entire world falling apart, the Holocaust nothing but a series of unfortunate mishaps, the belief that “despite everything, I still think people are good at heart.”

The thing about expectations, is that they don’t always fall through. We still remain the unbridled dreamers, the dissatisfied Burger King customers, we always want…more.

The thing about heroes is that we’ve started believing that it’s their job to rescue us. Like Spiderman isn’t Spiderman unless stopping a train with his bare hands. Like a hero is defined first by what he proves, and then by who he is. Ourselves rebuilding the misconceptions we’ve spent lifetimes shattering.

The thing about heroes is, they’re not heroes at all. They are the ones who were born with the misfortune of being saviours.
Saviours of a people so selfish they do not not even realize their own thievery as they sleep soundly in their beds each night.

There is no peace in the heart of heroes. Only the fear that they do not exist unless it is for others.
Their existence is a variable so easily replaced it makes them wonder if they ever deserved to be called Heroes.

The thing about heroes is that they fight the toughest battles when there is nobody to save but themselves,
as you sleep soundly in your bed each night.
You don’t care.


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