Here’s to you.

Here’s to you.

You walking too tall, smile on your face, sparkle in your eyes.
You starting the year right.
you thinking, this is the one.
This is the one,
it has to be.

Here’s to you.
the back of your ears cushions for all the times you listened
and all the times you should have.

Here’s to you.
You, eyes wide open, baring teeth,
one cheek fuller than the other.
There is a lot left to be said. Left to be done.

Here’s to you.
Never needing to learn.
Never needing to stop.
Never needing to breathe.
Never needing to thank.
lost in a world of supposed to. 
Some things are better left in the moments that have passed. 

Here’s to you, 
Indignant, loud, power in your temple,
in the palm of your hand.
There was is a fire.
Waiting to be tended.
There is hurt.
Waiting to be felt.
There is happiness,
waiting to be explored.

Here’s to you.
Palms still open.
Eyes still sparkling.
Starting the year right.
This is the one,
it has to be.


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