She stood there, timeless as flowing water
Like a ray of sun, beautifully evident, yet, indiscernible.
Her hair blew over her face, interrupting the sunshine that was in her eyes, that was her.
He looked at her, wanting to make her his.
But she was no one’s.
A marvel as splendid as the wonder of the clouds forming mysterious shapes giving outlines to her dreams and as simple as the one of a beautiful string of words.
She was brilliant like the luminescent moon; like lightning, fierce, yet illuminating.
Her form so engaging that the lights seemed to shift around her, with her. The winds seems to blow not against, but with her body.
The wonder in his eyes increasing for she seemed like a creature god took special care creating, tinkering away in his toolshed.
Because there she stood,
Untouched. Pure. One with the sky.